Custom property file in location different than default

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Use custom properties thatr is defined in folder different than default one, where default one is installFolder/properties.
If we want to define file in any folder and use property values from it by sci-get-property() function, do the following:
  1. Create property file in e.g. installFolder/MIRJANA/
  1. Content of is:
propName = propValue
  1. Define the following line in installFolder/properties/ that is correlation between property file name and its location in the file system.
  1. Run and restart the system
  1. Create the following BP, to refresh cache with custom property values and take property by sci-get-property() function
<process name="default">
            <operation name="Cache Refresh Service">
                  <participant name="CacheRefreshService"/>
                  <output message="CacheRefreshServiceTypeInputMessage">
                        <assign to="." from="*"/>
                        <assign to="cache_name">myCustomProp</assign>
                        <assign to="cache_type">properties</assign>
                  <input message="inmsg">
                        <assign to="." from="*"/>
            <assign to="VAR" from="sci-get-property('myCustomProp','propName')"/>
  1. Result in the process data is:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>