Secure proxy and SSP_PS installation & configuration

SSP can’t be clustered!!!

Configure the HTTP adapter for war file. (/usr/SBI525_1/install/container/Applications)

IBM sterling secure proxy configuration manager service preferable to be installed on the integrator itself.

IBM sterling secure proxy service should be installed on the SSP server itself.


Step 1: installing the SSP CM on AIX




After installing go to the installation directory (/usr/SSP_1/bin) and run the below command



Configure the engine with the external engine configuration

Check the engine if running fine

SSP Perimeter server installation:

1-   Login as siuser (on the AIX _ the system that SI is installed on)

a.   # su - siuser


After installing the SSP_PS go to the installation directory (/usr/SSP_PS ) and start the PS:

# ./

After starting check the log if started

# cat StartupPS.log

Install dir: /usr/SSP_PS

Thu Aug 06 12:09:46 EEST 2015 - External Server started properly


Perimeter server configuration on SSP (SSP_PS installed on SI):