SI User Authentication in Custom Web Application

If you want to develop custom Web Application that will run on GIS Web Server & you want to provide GIS level authentication to your custom web application?
Problem Resolution:  Please follow the following steps 
  1. Include the JSP tag Library “userautho.tld” into your application WEB-INF folder. You can find this tld file at
<GIS Installation Folder>\SI\container\Applications\helloworld\WEB-INF\tld
  1. Add this taglib into your application by adding the following code into your application web.xml file
  1. Import this tag library into your JSP page using the following statement on top of JSP page
<%@ taglib uri='' prefix='sec' %>
  1. Add the following code into your login jsp page
<sec:authenticate user="<%=strUser%>" pass="<%=strPass%>" login="error.jsp " />
Where "<%=strUser%>" & "<%=strPass%>" are the User Id & Password entered by user in Login page & error.jsp is the page which will be shown if user authentication failed.