XSLT Introduction

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XSLT is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents
XSLT - XSL Transformations
XSLT is the most important part of the XSL Standards. It is the part of XSL that is used to transform an XML document into another XML document, or another type of document that is recognized by a browser, like HTML and XHTML or XML can be transformed into plain text by XSLT.
XSLT uses XPath to define the matching patterns for transformations
XSLT can also:
·        add new elements into the output file
·        remove elements
·        it can rearrange and sort elements
·        test and make decisions about which elements to display, and a lot more.
XSLT elements:

  • xsl:stylesheet
  • xsl:template
  • xsl:value-of
  • xsl:text
  • xsl:copy-of
  • xsl:copy
  • xsl:for-each
  • xsl:sort
  • xsl:if
  • xsl:choose
  • xsl:variable