HTTP Server SSP Configuration

1.   Open the Sterling Integrator dashboard and  go to Deployment -> Services and create a new http adapter server

2.  Create and HTTP server adapter on the SI level and assign the needed port.






2.   HTTP Configuration on SSP

2.1        On SSP create a new policy.


2.2        Create a new Netmap for the HTTP Adapter(Actions -> new netmap -> HTTP Netmap)

 2.3        Assign the Netmap a name, select the “Inbound Nodes” tab and click “New”

3.   To add SSL for the posted URL


3.1        For the inbound connection specify a Peer address pattern of “*” to allow all connections from any address and then select the HTTP policy from the dropdown list. Select the “Advanced” tab and enable DEUG logging, then click “Ok” to save.


3.2        Select the “Outbound Node” tab and complete the details to connect to the remote Web service. Enable DEBUG logging on the “Advanced” tab.




4.4        Now to create a new Adapter go to : Actions à new à Http adapter à http Reverse Proxy


4.5        Check that the created adapters and services are working fine