10. JSP pages - web application in action

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  • Login page: 

Login page should appear as the first page of the web application.

You can log in with any valid SI user/password.



  • jsp1.jsp


JSP1 page has 2 text boxes.

Parameters that you will enter here, will not be used in background processing, just they will be used for demonstrating how they are taken into Process Data as well as Primary Document



  • If you enter XXX, and YYY values for these 2 fields, what you will get in Process Data and Primary Document (in SOMU_webapp_selectUser.bp), run in jsp2.jsp, is as follows:


Process Data:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <PrimaryDocument SCIObjectID="MIRJANA:node1:13575b0ed83:376678"/>

Primary Document:




  • In jsp2.jsp, you can find java code that is used to create strNvp and inputDocumentString, that are used for attribute values in runBP tag:


<sec:runBP user="<%=strUser%>" nvp="<%=strNvp%>" pridoc="<%=inputDocumentString%>" bpname="<%=strBP%>">               
                  String strBPResults = XMLUtil.documentToString(bpResults, false);
                  org.dom4j.Document d = new org.dom4j.io.DOMReader().read(bpResults);
                  pageContext.setAttribute("org.apache.taglibs.xtags.taglib.Context", d);


  • jsp2.jsp


jsp2.jsp will run SOMU_webapp_selectUsers business process that returns the list of all the users in SI system.



If you click on any user, you will get audit details, that means all admin activities for that user.


  • jsp3.jsp