3. Web application structure in Eclipse

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After configuring all tag libraries, you should add 3 external java packages in order to resolve all possible build paths problems.

 They are:

  • Studio-API.jar
  • platform_library.jar


Both jars mentioned above could be found in install SI folder (SI_install\mesa\studio), and some other places, but better to use both from

\plugins\com.sterlingcommerce.mesa.servicesdk_3207.0.0\lib\3000 that you can see in your eclipse workspace after putting plugin for MESA Developer Studio from SI


You can see they are not of the same size.



Note: I do not know why we cannot find full size jars in SI installation folder, but just when they are taken into eclipe during installing MESA plug in into eclipse.

  •  dom4j.jar

 dom4j.jar should be used because document from BP should be loaded as org.dom4j.Document in order to be parsed by XTags. Can be found in installDir/SI/jar/dom4j/1_5_2 folder