Web Extension - example for a simple web application

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Overview of little  test web application


This is an example of simple web application, by using Web Extension option in IBM Sterling Integrator. JSP technology is used for web application development.

Sterling Integrator contains JSP tag library that is a collection of predefined JSP components that you can use in your JSP Web templates.

You can use JSP tag libraries to:

• Reduce manual coding efforts of your JSP Web templates

• Reduce the amount of Java code in your JSP Web templates


Web application contains:


-         login page,

-         first page after login is one simple page with 2 text boxes, where you can write some values just to demonstrate how they will be transferred to a BP, into Process Data as well as Primary Document. These values are not used in BP in this example, but can be if you want. Submitting this page will open jsp2.jsp

-         jsp2.jsp will show you the list of all the users from SI database

-         and finally, by clicking on link of a user, you will get audit details or changes that user done in SI, that is jsp3.jsp


Web application SOMU_webApp.war can be downloaded here.


SOMU_webApp.war29.05 KB